Cardio & Strength Workout All Levels or Women Over 40

Fitness Workout For Women
A total body strength workout with cardio for women over 40. It’s the full meal deal!

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⁣This workout is great for whatever level of fitness you are at.

I offer low and high impact options for the cardio moves, and the strength moves will help to build the muscles that are weak in a lot of us (ie. glutes, hips, posture muscles, triceps, low back).

After the workout is complete there is a great little low back routine and then a full trainer-led stretch. So, you will want to stay till the very end!

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Tools: a pair of moderate and heavy dumbbells + a sturdy chair

1. Pop-out squats to lunge
2. Across body mountain climbers
8 x 20sec

3. Stagger deadlifts
4. Other leg
3 x 40sec

5. Squat to jump & knee up with a twist
6. Plank jacks
8 x 20sec

7. Single-arm, supported reverse flys
8. Other arm
2 x 40sec and the final set double arm row

9. Breakdancers
10. Jumping jacks
8 x 20sec

11. Single-arm & 1 leg bridge chest press
12. Other arm
2 x 40sec and the final set double tricep presses

Low Back Love
13. Scorpians
14. Moving airplanes
15. Opposite arm & leg lifts
1 x 40sec

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